Tikona Fort

Distance: 45 km from Pune and 120 km from Mumbai.


  • Elevator

Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort is the one of the famous hill Fort near Pune, Lonavala, and Mumbai. It is just 45 km from Pune, 20 km from Lonavala and 120 km from dream city Mumbai. Tikona Fort is also known as Vitandgad. It is located near beautiful and pollution free small village Tikona Peth. It is almost 3500 ft high from sea level it also one of the famous picnic spots in Maval Region.  As per his name, Tikona means Triangle shape.


 Malik Ahmad Nizam Saha is one of the Chief of Nizam Saha he achieved in the war, since 1885 and annexed it to the Nizam territory. The Great Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj brought whole Konkan in 1657. Which had been Nizam territory under his control and achieve all forts like Karnala, Lohagad, Visapur, Songadh , Tung, and Tala. All are the Major forts in his Empire. In 1660 Dhamale and Deshmukh family to take Charge and provide the entire security to the Tikona Fort. Tikona is the major fort in the Pawana and Maval region.


Tikona Fort is one of the best forts for trekking in India. You can see other beautiful things from Tikona like broad and beautiful Pawana Lake, Lohagad Fort, similar to the Tikona, Tung Fort and Visapur, best Hadshi Caves, Prati Pandharpur Temple in Hadshi. You can see Historic Mahadev Temple on the Fort and Seven Big water tank, big entrance, Caves, Lake Surrounding to the Fort. Lots of people are going to trek on Tikona in any session, but ideal time for Tikona trek is winter and Rainy session. You will get definitely awesome experience about the trekking and our most valuable Nature. Tikona is the Ideal Fort to trekking with your lovely once and family, it takes almost 2 hours for a trek. It is such an ideal tourist spot for Punekar.


Tikona Fort and Pawana Dam is the best weekend place for Punekar and Mumbaikar. You can spend your valuable time with family and friends near Tikona and Pawana Lake and get priceless experience about Nature. 


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