Shaniwar Wada

Distance: 5 km from Pune station

Shaniwar Wada

As we know that Shaniwar Wada is very popular place in Pune and India. One of the top place in India. Bajirao  started to build the Shaniwar Wada in 1730. and it required Rs. 16110/- to build. Means Shaniwada exist since last approximately 300 years. There are historical stories of Bajirao Peshva Sarkar behind it. It has living place for Bajirao Peshwa , Kashibai and his family.  It has designed and constructed by well known person during the peshwa, including Shivaram Krishna, Devaji , Kondaji Sutar, Morarji Patharwat Bhojraja and Painter Ragho. 

Shaniwar Wada has five main gates. The name of the gates is Dilli Darwaza ,Mastani Darwaja , Khidki Darwaja , Ganesh Darwaja and Jambhul or Narayan Darwaja. 

Shaniwar Wada is located at the main center of the Pune City near Pune Muncipal Corporation. Parking facility is available. Enter fee for India tourist is 5 rs/- , International tourist 125 rs/. Every day Peshwa place is open , timing are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. 

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