Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhi Mandir, Alandi

Distance: 35 km from Pune


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Alandi- Shree Dyaneshwar Maharaj Samadhi Mandir

Alandi is a place where Maharashtra's one of greatest Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj occurred. It is the place where one great saint of Maharashtra took Samadhi at the age of just 21. It is the place where Dyaneshwar Maharaj fleet a brick wall.


If you are going to alandi from Pune, then best way is from Vidyapeeth road to bhau patil road till reached at NH60. And after reaching to nashik phata, take right till Moshi. That road will reach you to Alandi.


Alandi is holy place for any Hindus as Dyaneshwar Maharaj was one of youngest and greatest saint. He wrote "Dyaneshwari" at the age of just 16 which ws commentary of Bhagwad Geeta.After entering in Alandi there is local market, after passing through market you will reach at Samadhi of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Mandir.


If you are visiting it in common days, it won't take much time in line for visiting Samadhi. But it you will go on a popular day like ekadashi then it will definitely take at least 2 hrs in line. 

Photographing in the temple is strictly prohibited due to some past issues hence cameras are everywhere in the temple so don't photograph inside. 


On the some distance of temple, a place where Saint Dynaneshwar Maharaj fleets a brick wall with his thwo brothers and sister Muktai. The wall which was fleet by Dnyaneshwar originally is not present because people took all the mud and material their home due to their beliefs but some of wall which was left, is replaced by new wall which constructed later.

People come all over from Maharashtra to visit alandi and after that taking bath in Indrayani River. Sain Dyaneshwar's temple alone makes this must visit place if you are visiting Pune.


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