Goa Package by Deshpande Catering and Tourism, Kalyan Mumbai

Goa Package by Deshpande tourism


Deshpande Tours and Travels Organised 6 days tours of Goa.  Goa is popular for beaches In India.  Deshpande Tour offer Goa package is very affordable and economical price.   The package over all 6 days


6 days schedule


Day 1-   At night we will depart from Mumbai to Goa


Day 2- Goa sightseeing.  Night halt will be at Goa


Day 3- South Goa Sightseeing includes calangute beach, Vagator beach,  baga beach , anjuna beach, Miramar beach and dona paula beach . Night will be at Goa


Day  4-   On 4th Day we will leave goa for Ganpatipule.  Night will be at Ganpatipule


Day 5-   Ganpatipule darshan after that we will leave this place.




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Policy & Terms

1. General:


We provide you with an information booklet before the tour. It contains information such as starting point of the tour, place and time of attendance before the journey, essentials for the journey etc. Tour programme mentioned in the booklet is not the exact schedule of the tour programme.


Company decides and plans the tour programme, accommodation, bus seating arrangement etc. Tour Managers are abided to simply implement the plans. Hence tour participants are required not to argue or discuss about any change in tour programme, with the Tour Manager.


Tour participant does not have the right to make any changes in the tour programme or any other services managed and planned by the Company.


Tourist places whichever are at a walk able distance, will have to be visited by walk only.


Tour cost does not include any other personal expenses.


The Company tries its best to complete the tour in the scheduled time duration. But in the event of unavoidable circumstances, for any reason, if the tour exceeds the scheduled number of days, every tour participant will be liable to pay for the extra cost.


For participants, those of which travelling alone and require to have separate room for hotel stay, he / she will have to pay an additional 35% amount of the tour cost. Otherwise he / she will have to accommodate with other tour participants. He / she will have to pay an additional 35% amount, if there is no such other participant for sharing accommodation.


If the Tour manager feels that the tour participant is misbehaving causing inconvenience or annoyance to any tour participant or causes damage to the property of the company or is suffering from any contagious disease / serious illness or if he / she is consuming to alcoholic drinks or drugs then he / she will be asked to leave the tour immediately and his / her further tour will be terminated. Also such a participant will have to manage his / her return journey on his / her own. And no amount will be refunded to him / her.


The company shall not be responsible and / or liable for any damage / loss caused to the tour participant.


During the tour, the company does not have any control over the delay or cancellation of Airlines, Railways, Bus/ Coach Companies, Shipping Companies, Local Transport or technical problem in the Bus service, causing disturbance in the tour programme. The participants have to follow decisions made by the Tour Manager. Also if it leads to extending number of days of the tour, then every tour participant will be liable to pay for the extra cost, immediately.


The company may arrange shooting during tours (photos / video). The tour participants shall have no objection to the shot material being used as publicity material by the company.

2. Entry Fee:

The tour participant will have to pay the Entry Fee/ Ticket at all the tourist places, wherever required, during the tour.

3. Natural Calamities:

In the event of natural calamity, riots, political calamities or any other unforeseen calamities, the Company or the Tour Managers reserve the right to modify or cancel itineraries (before or during the tour) and the tour package, if required. Therefore, no grievance regarding any itinerary / service change which we are constrained to make, will be entertained from the tour participants during or after the tour.

4. Cancellation:


Once you enrol for the tour, no refund/ cancellation charges will be given back, for any reason.


In case of insufficient number of participants for a tour or in case of unavailability of railway reservation, the Company has the right to postpone or cancel the tour. In event of cancellation of tour by the Company, the amount will be refunded to the participant by cheque only.


In the event of cancellation of a tour under any circumstances, participated by you, we do not bear the responsibility of refund of cancellation charges of any extra or special services availed by you for that tour.

5. Valuables:

Do not carry any jewellery or valuables along with you during the tour. The company shall not be liable for the loss / damage of the same.

6. Luggage:


During the railway journey, luggage of the tour participant is his/her responsibility, hence carry a lock and chain for it. Also label your bags and luggage mentioning your name and contact details. The company shall not be liable for the loss / damage of the luggage.


The tour participant will be solely responsible for the transport of the excess luggage caused due to shopping at various places during the tour. The company will not be liable to pay for any luggage charges, these charges are to be managed individually by the participant himself / herself.

7. Hotel:


Hotel accommodation includes rooms with double bed and attached toilet-bathroom. All the rooms are equipped with A.C or cooler and television. In case some of the participants do not get these facilities mentioned above, the Company does not give any assurance of providing them as the company does not have any control over delays or deficiencies in the services / facilities provided by the third party (hotel).


2 Laundry service at the hotel should be availed at self expense. The Tour Manager will guide about it. It is prohibited to wash clothes in the Hotel bathroom, by the hotel management. It is mandatory to hand over the room keys at the Hotel Counter for cleaning the rooms. It is the responsibility of the tour participant to take care of their belongings, the Company or Hotel management shall not be responsible in event of theft.

8. Certificate:

The tour participant should not demand for a certificate with any extra cost. Also the participants who require copy of the bus permit should get it xeroxed during the tour, by requesting it from the Tour Manager. Participant must note that it is not possible to issue for copy of the bus permit after the tour. The certificate will be issued after the tour ends and participants are requested to check and collect them after 8 days of request to issue them.

9. Leave Fare Concession:

The Company has the eligibility and right to provide LTC/ LFC certificates to participants those who require it, after the tour ends. The Company can give individual Railway/ Flight booking tickets to the Central Government Employees provided they enrol for participation in the tour, 90 days prior to the day of journey. (Prior intimation is necessary.)

10. Bus Service:


Transport will be by 3 x 2 coach for Maharashtra Tour Packages and 2 x 2 coach for India Tour Packages. The bus coach/ vehicle will be changed, if number of participants is less.


To ensure fairness to all participants, we implement seat rotation plan on daily basis in the bus journey.

11. Medical Aid:

The Company provides first aid to participants during the tour, in case of minor health problems. However in serious illness, medication and doctor's consultation shall be at the individual expense of that particular participant.

12. Jurisdiction:

The Company Head Office is at Kalyan only, hence any disputes arising in respect of the tour shall be restricted to Kalyan - Thane Jurisdiction. The tour representatives in your area or town are just to explain you all the tour details, therefore they cannot be involved into disputes over complaints, if any.

13. About Railway Reservation:

In computerised reservation system of Indian Railways, the berths / seats once reserved cannot be changed. There will be no preference for berth. Also it is not assured that reservation booking will be in same order, even for larger group of 4/6/8 or more people. Tour participants will have to travel by the same berth/seat as mentioned in the ticket, issued by Indian Railways.

If the participant wishes to travel by 1st Class AC / 2nd Class AC / 3rd AC, then he / she has to pay for the difference in cost which is specified as per sleeper class. But he / she will have to inform about it for booking, at least 90 days before the journey.

Meals during railway journey are to be managed by self expense. No services will be provided by the Company during the railway journey.

14. Senior Citizen Concession:

This facility can be availed for males above 60 yrs and females above 58 yrs of age. Participants under this category can avail concession in the railway fare, for which they are required to enrol at least 90 days before the tour and also submit their proof of age at the time of booking. Also they are required to maintain copy of their proof of age along with themselves, throughout the journey. The Company will not be responsible to pay the penalty charges, otherwise. In absence of the proof of age, penalty charges will be the responsibility of the individual himself/ herself.


Packages - Goa Package by Deshpande Catering and Tourism, Kalyan Mumbai

Deluxe Package

9500.00 / Per person

Transport – Travel by 2 by 2 AC Bus

Food- Meals served twice a day. Breakfast and tea served once in day only at stay

Stay – AC room

Price subject to change, Please contact to above number for more details.

Divya 9819453043