Bandra Bandstand - Bandra Railway Staion - Mumbai

The Bandstand is a kilometer walkway along with the sea on the west side of Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a popular hangout spot, a jogging track, a park and also a lovers' point through the times. A promenade towards the Land End's side is an amphitheater, a venue serves for Mumbai Festival, celebrate Bandra and other events, including concerts,classical dance and other performances and occasions. The "Artist Court" is another performance venue built into this promenade that witnesses a huge public jam session mostly on Sundays.

Besides, it is a great place to enjoy and to soothe yourself with sea breeze. You can go at any time of the day and still feel great. The sound of the waves when it splashes the rocks with its' foamed, salty water crates a harmony of its own that quench your thirst of heart and pour into yourself a divine peace. A visitor who comes to know the places of Mumbai, should come once here and experience the beauty of this place. As the place is situated in west of Bandra, it takes 15 mins. in auto to reach the place. If you want you can take a walk of 25 mins. or take a cab. It is just a 10mins distance from the Bandra Station.

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