Tung Fort Near Lonavala

Distance: 18 km from Lonavala and 60 km from Pune

Tung Fort Near Lonavala

Tung Fort is one of the best hill forts in Maharashtra, located at small and beautiful village Tungwadi. It is just 12 km from Malvali railway station, 18 km from famous hill station Lonavala, 60 km from Pune via Paud road and 110 km from Mumbai. Tungwadi is the neat clean and pollution free village. Tung Fort almost 1075 m high from Sea level. It is the small hill fort In Maharashtra. It is now surrounded by water 3 sides. It is the perfect and ideal Picnic spot near Pune and Mumbai.

Tung Fort is also known as Kathingad Fort; Kathin means it is very difficult. Tung Fort was built before 1600 century, it was built by Adhil Saha in is a dynasty. After some year The Great Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort from Adhil Saha. Tung fort plays a very important role to watch on Lohagad and Visapur fort in that time. Its shape and structure suggest us it is very difficult. Tung Fort is one of the best and major historic forts in the Pawana Maval Region. Tung Fort main function is to watchtower guarding the road to Pune city. In the Shivaji Maharaj dynasty Dhamale family one of three from Deshmukh Family in Maval and Pawana Region to takes charged to provide whole security to the Tung Fort.

Tung Fort is easily accessible via road and boating. You can see entire Pawana Lake from the top of the Tung Fort, another some historic place you can see like Tikona Fort, Visapur Fort,  Lohagad Fort and Korigad Fort. Fort major attraction is it has in Oval shape, thick walls and numerous bastions. You can see some historic things on Tung Fort like Bale Kila, Ganesh temple, Water tank, Tungi Devi Temple, Meeting place hall on Tung Fort. You can also see the full Panoramic view on the Fort and easily see Lohagad, Visapur, Tikona Fort and entire Pawana Dam.

Tung Fort is the best Trekking place in the rainy and winter season. It almost takes 2 hours for trekking from bottom to Top. Tung Fort gives you awesome experience about the trek and Green Mountain, dam view, fort view and lovely Nature. Lots of people are going for a trek on the Tung Fort in the entire year.it is the ideal location for trekking with family and close once. It is one of the popular picnic spots to Punekar and Mumbaikar, it is also close from Lonavala, Hadshi, Carla caves, Badse caves and Pawana Lake, Lion point, Bushi dam. Really you will go to visit at once time to Tung Fort and give priceless experience. 

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