Timmappa temple, malasamudra

Distance: 9 km from gadag

Timmappa temple, malasamudra

Timmappa temple, malasamudra

Significance :

Timmappa temple is a old temple near malasamudra. a mud road from the village will carry you to the guddada durgadevi temple from where visitors need to climb a hill. Its little difficult to climb the hill as it is slippery. people call it as timmappa temple but surprisingly visitors will see a shiva linga in the garbhagriha on hilltop, 6ft hanuman and garuda statues can be seen in left and right side of the door which indicates that it’s a ancient ruined temple, a set of “padukas”(footprints) on the rock can also be seen infront of the main temple. There is a small temple just beside to it where a stone is worshiped as timmappa an another name of lord venkateshwar. small tower with stones can be seen here which devotees build for their wishes, it’s a belief that their wishes come true by building such tower here. Even though it far away from gadag city an arial view can be seen from here. 

How to reach :

1Km from malasamudra village and 9km from gadag.

Distance from state capital bangalore to malasamudra is 376 km

Distance from hubli to malasamudra is 60 km

Distance from district headquarter Gadag to malasamudra is 9 km

Only private vehicles are available from Gadag.

Nearby Railway station : Gadag

Nearby Airport : Hubballi, Banglore

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at Gadag.


06.00AM – 06.00PM

      Entrance :



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