Jain temple, rona

Distance: 37 km from gadag

Jain temple, rona

Jain temple, rona

Significance :

Chalukyan dynasty contributed many witness in the history for all the religion present at that time in their empire. such many temple can be seen in the rona also, jain temple is also considered one of them. Jain theerthankar is worshiped in the sanctum of the temple and mata pdmavati and shri vishnu statues can also seen in the temple. Even though it is a old jain basadi its renovated and many drawings decorated the wall inside the temple. In exterior still the old style of architecture can be seen in the gopura.    

How to reach :

Jain temple, tasildar oni, Rona

Distance from state capital bangalore to Rona is 400 km

Distance from hubli to Rona is 85 km

Distance from district headquarter Gadag to Rona is 37km

Public and private vehicles are available from Gadag.

Nearby Railway station : Gadag

Nearby Airport : Hubballi, Banglore

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at Gadag.


07.00AM – 06.00PM

      Entrance :



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