Harti basaveshwar temple, harti

Distance: 15 km from gadag

Harti basaveshwar temple, harti

Harti basaveshwar temple, harti

Significance :

Harti basaveshwara temple is a renowned temple in the region. The temple is on the hilltop near the harti village, Harti village is also recognised for many ancient and modern temples, basaveshwara temple is famous among them, it’s called harti basaveshwara also. Thousands year ago shrine was completely on hilltop, but now the temple is just below to it due to an legendary story related to harti basaveshwara. Only couple of hundred steps will carry the visitor to the hilltop temple. The basaveshwar which is worshipped in the garbha graham is not a statue, it’s a udbhava linga, from many centuries the same is worshipped as harti basaveshwara. In recent years ganesha, navagraha and other temples are also build in the temple. the fair or jatra of the temple is very famous which comes in the last Monday of shravana masa. An ancient cave can be see just back to the temple, according to local people the another end of the cave will open in kappatagudda around 10km away from here.   

How to reach :

Uma maheshwara temple near gram panchayat office, harti

Distance from state capital bangalore to Harti is 380 km

Distance from hubli to Harti is 53 km

Distance from district headquarter Gadag to Harti is 15km

Public and private vehicles are available from Gadag.

Nearby Railway station : Gadag

Nearby Airport : Hubballi, Banglore

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at Gadag.


06.00AM – 08.00PM

      Entrance :



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