Ancient temples, Belavaniki

Distance: 31 km from gadag

Ancient temples, Belavaniki

Ancient temples, Belavaniki


            Belavaniki is a small village near nargund, but has a number of old temples. Hanuman temple, shiva temple and veerbhadra temple are some important among them. Hanuman temple is a old temple in the village with two hanuman statues in the temple. the old hanuman statue is worshipped behind the garbha graham of the temple which is not carved one. New hanuman statue is worshipped in the sanctum of the temple which is carved around half century ago. Just on righ side of the hanuman temple an ancient shiva temple is there with shiva linga in the sanctum. The gupura nad the temple architecture matches with many chalukyan temples. On the lfet side of the garbha graham padukas are worshipped which are carved in the black stone. right apposite there is another shiva shrine which is called as veerbhadreshwara temple, the statues of this temple also newly carved. With many old temple belavaniki is the attraction for many devotees around nargund.

How to reach:

Ancinent templs near gram panchayati office, Belavaniki

Belavaniki is 23km from naragund, and 19 km from rona

Distance from state capital Bangalore to Belavaniki is 410 km

Distance from Hubli to Belavaniki is 65 km

Distance from district headquarter Gadag to Belavaniki is 31km

Public and private vehicles are available from naragund and rona.

Nearby Railway station : Gadag, Hubballi

Nearby Airport : Hubballi, Banglore

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at Gadag and Hubballi.


07.00AM – 08.00PM

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