Shiva temple, gokak falls

Distance: 73 km from belagavi

Shiva temple, gokak falls

Shiva temple, gokak falls


            An ancient shiva temple can be seen near mahalingeshwara tempe in the gokak falls, its an chalukyan temple and estimated as constructed in 12th century, the ancient temple is constructed using rock stone and nice sculpture are carved in some walls and gopura. temple consists mukha mantapa, adhar mantapa and garbha graham, god shiva linga is worshipped here in the sanctum. The chalukyan style temple consists round pillars with nice designs in the mukh mantapa. The outer walls consists normal designs carved in the bottom of the wall. The outer wall and the gopura is retained in the ancient style and the temple is considered as a pair of mahalingeshwar temple in the gokak falls.     

How to reach:

Shiva temple, near mahalingeshwar temple, gokak falls

Distance from state capital Bangalore to Gokak is 574 km

Distance from Hubli to Gokak is 168 km

Distance from district headquarter Belagavi to Gokak is 73km

Public and private vehicles are available from Belagavi and gokak.

Nearby Railway station : belagavi, kudachi

Nearby Airport : belagavi, Hubballi

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at gokak and Belagavi.


06.00AM – 07.00PM

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