MG Road Boulevard

Distance: 15km from Yeshwanthpur

BANGALORE has places to be seen and has ROADS one has to tread on. Running east from the trinity circle at one end and the anil Kumble circle on the other, there is a road that one must wander on. It is located at the heart of the city.

Travelling back in time to the pre-independence era, this road was known to people as the SOUTH PARADE. Renamed in the independent year 1948, on 26 February, it is now known to every Bangaloreans as the MG Road-
MAHATMA GANDHI ROAD. Connecting the east of the Bangalore to its west runs a metro line that runs through MG Road. If the honesty of opinions is at stake, I must specify that the beauty of this place has been compromised for all the development it has gone through. And yet, it attracts the number of people every day.

People and people everywhere! Whatever wants may it be, well, MG Road has it all. Walking through it, past all the people having their time, there’s so much that one would want to taste, eat and eat more.

So much to buy at such reasonable prices, that one can find girls bargaining at every shop, bagging the accessories, clothes and things you can’t go on counting! Traffic and the increasing crowd don’t stop anybody from rushing in. A place where one can take their family, Or their beloved on a romantic date, Or go on shopping all day, Partying and boozing sounds like a plan too,

Well, maybe a day out with friends, Or explore through, out of sheer curiosity to understand its charm on the people around. There is so much to see and so much to do. A day is not enough to walk through this road. If one stays indifferent and blind to its magnificence, it is just another road that one can walk through in some time, but to explore, a day it will never be enough.

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