Ramlingeswar temple, halingali

Distance: 97 km from bagalkot

Ramlingeswar temple, halingali

Ramlingeswar temple, halingali

Significance :

It is the oldest temple other than jain temples in halingali village. ramlingeshwar is a shiva temple and the shiva in the form of linga worshipped here. the structure has the oldest style and people around says it belongs to 12th century. Recently some changes made to the temple at the time of renovation, now it look like other temples in the area due to sculptures are hided or destroyed in renovation to the wall of the temple. In the temple there is a ganesh statue in the hall and out side the temple a small hanuman temple is there. In evry yugadi it’s a special occasion here that in a same time in every year sun rays reaches the shivalinga directly which has become special occasion in the temple history

How to reach :

Halingali near terdal and banahatti, jamkhandi.

Distance from state capital bangalore to Bhadragiri is 622 km

Distance from hubli to Bhadragiri is 218 km

Distance from Bagalkot to Bhadragiri is 97 km

Distance from Jamkhandi to Bhadragiri is 25 km

Bus and private vehicles are also available from jamkhandi and terdal till halingali village.

Nearby Railway station: Bagalkot, vijaypur

Nearby Airport: Hubballi, Banglore

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at Bagalkot and vijaypur.


06.00AM – 09.00PM

Entrance fees :


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