Malegitti Shivalaya, Badami

Distance: 45Km from Bagalkot

Malegitti Shivalaya, Badami

Malegitti shivalaya, badami




An early 7th century east facing beautiful temple built on a flat rock. At present it’s a shaiva shrine with linga in the sanctum, originally appears to have been surya temple. On the outer walls of the rangamantapa, beautiful images of shiva and vishnu in devakoshtas. There are also images of door keepers in the devokoshtas, identified as danda and pingala, guards of god surya. A figure insde the sanctum on the right side is described as of surya punishing chayadevi. The master sculptor for this chalukyan temple is aryaminchi upadhyaya


How to reach:


Badami town, take left near Taluka office at badami.  


To reach badami


Distance from state capital Bangalore to badami is 450 km

Distance from hubli to badami is 105 km

Distance from district headquarter bagalkot to badami is 45 km

Can have flight facility till Bangalore and hubli

Train, bus and private vehicles are also available from Bangalore, hubli and bagalkot.



Star hotels and resorts available at badami.


Timings and holiday - 9am – 6pm


Entrance fees: - Free



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