Mahalingeshwar temple, mahalingapur

Distance: 68 km from bagalkot

Mahalingeshwar temple, mahalingpur

Mahalingeshwar temple, mahalingapur

Significance :

Mahalingeshwar temple is the soul of the town mahalingapur of mudhol taluk. There is a mahalingeshwar matha in the premise named shri mahalingeshwar samsthan matha. The temple also belongs to the mahalingeshwar matha which has the rich legacy in the region. It’s a shiva temple in the name of mahalingeshwar. The growing hair of the previous swamiji of the matt is a legend in the temple. Visitors come to visit the same from far away. It can be seen through a window in the temple premise. A very big “rudhraksh mala” will draw the attention of every visitor to the temple as he enters in to the hall area. The wooden architecture in the math is stand for a different architecture. The oldest and strongest building itself is a point to visit the temple in spite many temple attract many devotees in large number.      

How to reach :

0.5 Km from Mahalingapur bus stand, mahalingapur, mudhol.

Distance from state capital bangalore to Mahalingapur is 517 km

Distance from hubli to Mahalingapur is 134 km

Distance from Bagalkot to Mahalingapur is 68 km

Distance from Mudhol to Mahalingapur is 21 km

Bus and private vehicles are also available from Bagalkot and Mudhol.

Nearby Railway station: Bagalkot, vijaypur

Nearby Airport: Hubballi, Banglore

Stay :

Nearby Hotel and resort Facility at Bagalkot and vijaypur.


06.00AM – 09.00PM

Entrance fees :


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